Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

Television is one of the best things that were ever invented.  In fact, some are so addicted that they spend more time in front of their television than doing something more important.  But what can we do?  Television is one of the best help we can get to escape the real world.  We laugh, we cry, we are amazed, we wonder, get scared, we are angered and we actually feel all kinds of emotions.

Over time, televisions have evolved.  From the classic black and white TV now we have the latest LCD televisions.  Derived from the Greek word tele (far) and Latin word visio (sight), we just love John Logie Baird, Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin for inventing this amazing thing.  But through this evolution, we can now have the best viewing experience.  The best LCD television is easy to find in the market.  We have a wide range of selections that we can choose from.  Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, JVC, you name it. henry led tv 32

It is quite difficult to say which of these brands is the best LCD television.  Everybody has been saying they are the best.  But among these brands of LCD, experts are near unanimous favorable to the 52-inch Samsung LN52A650.  Many people claimed that it produces one of the best pictures compared to any LCD TV.  It has impressive black levels, good shadow detail and colors are very accurate.  The TV is packed with features like image processing, InfoLink feature that gathers news, weather, sports and other information from the internet.  The TV’s screen is much shinier than others thus helps improve picture quality, but is prone to reflections from room lightings.  I guess everything has a drawback.  It is also said that viewing angle is shallower than other LCD TV sets and the remote can be awkward to use.

Next to this great creation is the 47-inch LG 47LG60.  Nicknamed “Scarlet” by the maker, it also has accurate colors and near perfect grayscale.  Outstanding HD and SD material for image processing is a strong plus.  It has lots of picture controls that will keep viewers busy for a while, and it has distinctive style.  However, this next best LCD television’s black levels are poorer than other high-end televisions and its distinctive style may not be as appealing to others.

But as for me, as long as it can show me what the director wants me to see, and let me hear what the script writer wants me to hear, it’s perfect.  Who needs the most expensive televisions when the plot is still the same no matter what television we are using?


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